Cancer is a disease which caused the growth of abnormal cells divide without control and able to invade other tissues. This cancer can spread to other body fails through the blood and lymph system.

Cancer have a type or kind that many, and given the name depending on the early cancer that grows or detected, for example, breast cancer.

Causes of cancer cannot be known for sure, because it is a combination of a set of factors, genetic and environmental. However there are several factors that are thought to increase the risk of cancer, as follows:

1. Hereditary Factors, in people who have families suffering from certain cancers, have a higher risk of suffering from the cancer compared with people who don't have a family history of cancer.

2. Environmental Factors, some of the factors in the environment can increase the risk of exposure to people who have cancer, such as for example smoking, ultraviolet rays of the Sun, ionization radiation like x-rays using rays on nuclear power, the explosion of the atomic bomb.

3. Factors of foods containing chemicals, foods containing chemicals can enhance high risk has cancer, such as foods containing Borak, peptisida, the food is burned to blackened Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contain so (HPA). etc.

4. Behavioral Factors, behavior that can lead to a high risk of cancer is smoking terkana, beverage alcohol drinkers, eat foods that contain lots of fat and meat preserves, free sex behaviour at an early age and change – change partner.

5. Got a virus, suspected viruses can cause cancer, among others : 1) Papilloma Virus; 2) Virus Sitomegalo; 3) Hepatitis B Virus; 4) Epstein – Bar; 5) Retro virus in humans such as the HIV virus causes lymphoma and other blood cancers.

6. Infection, The Parasite Schistosoma (bilharzia) can cause bladder cancer due to irritation of the bladder at chronical.

7. Hormonal Balance Disorders, the hormone estrogen stimulates the growth of cells which function tends to encourage the occurrence of cancer, Whereas progesterone protects the occurrence of excessive cell growth. There is a tendency that an excess of the hormone estrogen and progesterone deficiency causes increased risk of breast cancer, cancer of the cervix, uterine cancer and prostate cancer and the phallus in men.

8. Psychiatric Factors, severe stress can cause cell body balance ganggguan. Continuous tense circumstances can affect cell, where the cell is so hyperactive and violent nature changed so that cause cancer.

9. Free Radicals, free radicals are atoms, the cluster of atoms, or a molecule that has a free electron pair dilingkaran outside. Sources of free radicals i.e. : 1) Free radicals formed as a byproduct of the process of metabolism; 2) Free radicals enter into the body in the form of chemical toxins from food , drinks, polluted air, and ultraviolet light from the Sun; 3) Free radicals are produced is excessive at the time we overeat (impact on metabolic processes) or when we are in a State of stress overload, good stress in fsik, psychological,as well as biological.

Cancer can afflict everyone, on any part of the body, and on all the priesthood aged, but more often afflicts people aged 40 years. Generally before widespread cancer or damage the surrounding tissue, sufferers do not feel any complaints or symptoms. When there are already complaints or symptoms, usually the disease is already advanced.

Patient visits RS kramat currently, increasing the patient's particular cancer survivors, for that RS Kramat 128 integrated cancer service, commitment and supported the doctor – a doctor qualified in the field of ongkologi, i.e. :

1. Prof. Dr. Zubairi Djoerban, SP. PD- KHOM

2. Dr. Evert D. C Poetiray, SP. B. Onk (K)

3. DR. Dr. Gatot Purwoto, SP. OG (K) Onk (Consultant Oncologist Obstetrics)

4. Dr. Haridini Intan S. A., SP. A – ONK (Children's Oncology)

5. Dr. Sugiono Somoastro, PD-KHOM Sp.