Starting from private clinics belonging to dr. R. Suharto was founded in 1957 and he was one of the personal physician of President Sukarno, in the era of independence. On the date of 10 November 1978 private clinic dr. R. Suharto is changed to "Practice Specialist Kramat 128 (PDS Kramat 128)" sheltered under the Kramat Foundation 128 with the Notary : 49 the date of the 09 January 1979 and open 5 in other to obtain specialist services : Specialists In Disease, ENT Specialist, Specialist In General Surgery, Specialist Gynecologist & Gynaecology and Psychiatry.

In the year 1984 "Practice Specialist Kramat 128" decided to change into a hospital with a Notary. 40 the date of the 10 April 1984, then on the date of 10 April 1987 Kakanwil Health menyetujia JAWA Permission changes PDS Kramat -128 be RS Kramat 128 with letter No.. 2168/kakanwil?YKM-2/IV/93 and on 15 June 1989 Kakanwil Health JAWA issued licence which sets RS Kramat 128 be a Surgical Specialty with Letter No.. 0638/Yan. Med/RSKS/89.

Over the course of time and the high public confidence over the RS Ministry Kramat 128 then in the year 1993 RS Kramat 128 evolved into public hospitals up to now.