• Installation Of Emergency (IGD) 24 Hours

    Hospital Kramat 128 IGD has a service 24 with a few general practitioners who serve him. IGD 24 the clock serves the cases specifically emergency.

    The purpose of this emergency service is to provide first aid to patients who come in and avoid the various risks, like: death , tackling the crash victim, or other disasters that immediately takes action.

  • Operating Room

    RS Kramat 128 has operations that serve during 24 Hours, supported by professional doctors and nurses as well as the standard equipment.

  • Radiologi

    To help uphold the diagnosis disease medical support actions need to be performed, by pemeriksaaan Radiology. RS Kramat have on-site Radiology examination done by a reliable radiographer personnel under the supervision of a doctor experienced Radilogi spesiaslis

  • Hemodialisa

    Medical action was common blood washing using the washing machine's blood as a replacement for a damaged kidney function in pelnyaringan metabolism results in the body of toxins. RS Kramat 128 Hemodilisa provides the latest machine with excellence and supported by a trained nurse hemodialisa.

    The current RS Kramat 128 has increased the number of engine capacity Hemodialisa, it along with the increasing needs of the hemodialisa as well as public confidence against RS Kramat 128

  • Supporting Radionagnostik




    RS Kramat have supporting patient examinations or diagnostic to support vertical diagnose patients. Diagnostic examination of the support, among others, :

  • Fisiotherapy

    Fisiotherapy Unit RS Kramat 128 have a unit to help patients restore fisiotherapy and supported by power fisiotherapis reliable as well as the standard fisiotherapi equipment.

  • Laboratory

    Laboratory Of RS Kramat 128 has received Certificate of Establishment of Hematology and Clinical Chemistry RSCM

  • Other Supporting

    The cafeteria

    For the comfort of the patient and family meningkatakan RS Kramat 128 provide other supporting Facilities i.e. :

    1. Atm Center
    2. The cafeteria & Bakery Shop
    3. Ambulance