• Diabetes dalam Kehamilan

    Diabetes in Pregnancy

    Diabetes (Diabetes) It can occur in pregnancy. Diabetes in pregnancy is a state of high blood sugar levels that occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy and usually disappears after childbirth.. Based on a study from The International Diabetes Federation (IDF), 1 from 6 Pregnant women have diabetes in pregnancy

    Some of the factors that are at risk for pregnant women to suffer from diabetes in pregnancy include::

    • Obesity
    • History of giving birth to a baby with a birth weight of more than 4 Kg
    • History of diabetes in the biological family
    • Lack of physical activity

    Diabetes in pregnancy usually has no typical symptoms.. Most cases are known by laboratory screening at the time of pregnancy..

    Some of the effects that can be caused by diabetes in pregnant women include:

    • Lots of amniotic water
    • Less monthly labour (premature)
    • High blood pressure in pregnancy
    • Death of the baby in the womb
    • At risk of developing type of diabetes mellitus 2 Later in the day
    • The baby's weight is not appropriate for the age of pregnancy

    This disorder can be detected during pregnancy. 24-28 weeks of blood sugar testing. Pregnant women should fast for as long as 8 Hours before a blood sugar check, then given a glucose drink and conducted a blood test again during 1 and 2 hours

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